Season for improving JV boys basketball team coming to a close


Mia Cope

Heading into their last few weeks of the season, the Amherst JV boys basketball team has had amazing performances by many of the junior varsity players.

Although some might say this hasn’t been their best season, the team continues to improve each game. There has been many outstanding performances by players such as Austin Ehrenberg and Parker Soulsby. “There is definitely things we could improve on but so far it’s decent, it’s definitely not our best season though,” said freshman Austin Ehrenberg.

Even though they have said to not be having the best season, there was still positive things to be said about the team. “We are really good at communicating with each other,” said freshman Parker Soulsby. “We are getting the ball down the court and hoping to get even better at that.”

Many people who regularly attend the games find them to be quite enjoyable. According to Jaxson Smith, he finds the games “intense” and “exciting.” Many of the students of Amherst High School enjoy going to the games and cheering on the Amherst Falcons from The Nest. With more and more people coming to the games, The Nest is starting to grow.

Students of Amherst High School enjoy talking and cheering with their friends in The Nest. With each sporting event the school has to offer,  students fill in the stands. “The Nest helps motivate players during their game,” said freshman student Amara Beaudion. “It also gets students motivated to come to the games.”

With the season coming to an end, the team is working on what they can improve during their last few games. “I feel like we could really work on our ball movement once we get down the court,” said Ehrenberg. “Making our defense stronger could also help us.” As the players continue to improve their skills, the team should end up wrapping the season up on a good note.