STEAM project promises to revitalize school buildings


Riley Adamski

Pending the outcome of a district referendum, the Tomorrow River School District is working towards the construction of new facilities and possibilities with what has come to be known as the STEAM Project. The organizers are hoping to start the project upon approval and finish the construction using the school’s portion of tax dollars.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This plan is going to replace old facilities, such as the current agricultural building and the drop-off lane. A lot of the parent  parking lot will be rebuilt.

STEAM seeks 21.3 million dollars in investment for the main project, as well as a few renovations after the fact for a few million more. These renovations include remodeling some classrooms and a new library. Now onto the main investment, the school plans on demolishing the current agriculture building and replacing it with a new, multi-floor building for all the STEAM subjects. The first floor would contain a new agriculture center, technology area, and fabrication zone for all the classes that need it. The second floor would contain new science classrooms as well as new art classrooms and equipment.

Inside view of the co-lab space.

The STEAM project is not only for classrooms and renovations though. It is also for a secure entry for both middle/elementary office as well as the high school office. It also contains Question 2, the secondary objective. This objective is to update old facilities around the school. This includes the libraries and the middle school area in the school.

Many community members support this project. Some, however, are shocked about the cost of the entire project. The explanation is that the district wants to have ‘error money’ saved in case an accident or error happens with the construction process. According to a survey conducted by the Tomorrow River School District, 63% of all respondents in the community are supportive of this project. Staff show the most support with around 70% of the staff supporting the project. Also parents show quite a considerable amount of support for the project as well. 

Outside view of Secure Entry of the Middle/Elementary School Offices

The school district has partnered with Hoffman Inc. which is a large architectural firm in Appleton. They are well known for their planning capabilities and creating STEAM school facilities.