Quotable: Students share their Halloween activities

Media students offer comment on first big holiday of the school year


Quotable: How do the kids at Amherst celebrate the night of Halloween?

I celebrate Halloween by staying home, binge-watching TV, and eating a ton.” – Otto Anglemyer.

I don’t celebrate Halloween any more because I don’t really like candy any more and I don’t care about dressing up in costumes; I just open the door and hand out candy for trick-or-treaters.” – Max Bosket

I enjoy celebrating Halloween by sleeping over at a friend’s house and watching horror movies,” said Maddox Brown, ”but to me, they are more comedic.”

I celebrate halloween by dressing up and stealing all the candy from the ‘take one’ bowls.” – Finn Brunett.

When I celebrate halloween,” said Sándor Ćibarić, “I like to play Ghost in the Graveyard with my friends or just hang out.”

We celebrate it by carving out pumpkins.” – Dillan Elias.

I like to celebrate Halloween by sitting outside and enjoying the fall breeze.” – Gage Glodowski.

I celebrate Halloween by maybe going to a friend’s house, and usually watching some college football.” – Cannen Hodges.

I celebrate halloween by watching halloween movies with friends and family, and dressing up and going trick or treating or parties.” – Ava Hoerter.

Halloween is for eating candy and scaring people!” – Oliver Hylla.

On Halloween I love to get dressed up and spend the night with friends either watching scary movies or partying!” – Addison Lafler.

On Halloween I spend time with my friends by playing video games or practicing guitar.” – Max Lansing.

One of my favorite parts of Halloween or fall season are the pumpkin spice lattes,” Paige Lemke said. “Dunkin has them in season right now.”

Celebrating halloween is just what you think it would be. It is making people scared in a fun way, sometimes giving candy out.” – Mick Pomeroy.

I dress up and go around trick-or-treating with my family,” Mia Rockefeller said. “We also watch movies and carve pumpkins.”

I like spending time with my friends by going to haunted houses and getting pumpkin spice lattes.” – Logan Stout.

The way I spend Halloween is doing one or two haunted houses, finding really basic weird costumes for fun, drink a lot of energy drinks and go out trick or treating and watch a lot of scary movies and stay up late.” – Aiden Winn.