Photography class turns an eye towards landscapes


A beautiful October night with the sun rays shooting through the clouds. (Alaina Zietlow)

Welcome sign to the town of Amherst, next to the Tomorrow River. (Edurne Caro)
Sunset on October 8 at 6:33 pm seen from the car. (Edurne Caro)
Amherst High School’s cafeteria entrance in the first snowfall of the season. (Hannah Austin)
Amherst’s water fountain running through the cold weather. (Hannah Austin)
Sunset over the Wisconsin River near Whiting. (Garrison Gordon)
Pink Clouds over Amherst High. (Garrison Gordon)
After school on a Tuesday afternoon, downtown Amherst is packed with cars. (Olivia Helgemo)
All you hear are the birds chirping as the sun rises. (Olivia Helgemo)
Citizens of Amherst enjoy walking to downtown shops and restaurants. (Presley Voss)
Beautiful, colored trees fill your gaze as you glance above the school parking lot. (Presley Voss)
The Sunset Lake Amherst Junction 6-7 a.m. sunrise on a cold fall morning. (Maddy Araco)
The Stevens Point Walmart parking lot at 7 p.m. (Maddy Araco)
A couple of hours before the rain starts. (Elli Maxwell)
In-between the rocks is a plant sitting all alone. (Elli Maxwell)
Fall leaves by Caly Lepak
Texture photo by Caly Lepak
The clock ticking down it’s minutes while the autumn breeze blows. (Courtney Groholski)
Bright white clouds sitting in the sky catching the last bit of summer air. (Courtney Groholski)
Cityscape by McKenna Borchardt
The horizon by McKenna Borchardt
Some fluffy clouds on a September afternoon. (Alaina Zietlow)
A beautiful October night with the sun rays shooting through the clouds. (Alaina Zietlow)
Doobie is a very excitable dog, so excited he’s jumping at the camera thinking it’s a toy (Tiris Byrd)
Andy is a curious malamute, sticking her snout in about anything, including a camera. (Tiris Byrd)
Yvonne Pinkalla shows her love for nature on the last warm day for a while. (Addison Lafler)
The trees remain orange during the first snow fall in Amherst. (Addison Lafler)
The sun by Maddox Brown
Downtown by Maddox Brown