Bowlers prep for state tourney


Abby Giddings

The Amherst Falcons bowling team, comprising 30 students (both boys and girls), recently concluded the regular season and is now preparing for the state tournament. In preparation, they are working to further refine their individual styles and techniques.

Maddox Brown, a freshman who bowls on the varsity team, represents a unique style of bowling that has proven to be quite successful. “I bowl two-handed, and am one of the only ones in our program to do so,” Brown stated. “I began bowling one-handed, but soon switched to two-handed because of some of my mentors who bowl two-handed from other teams in our district.” As Brown is one of the only two-handed bowlers, he hopes to be a mentor to the younger members of the program and wants to see more two-handers in the Amherst bowling program in the future.

Most of the Amherst team utilizes the traditional style of bowling. Alex Glodowski, another varsity player, is a traditional right-handed bowler. Glodowski grew up bowling and says that he changed his style just as many others have within the last couple of years. “I started out bowling with a four step approach, but the five step approach became very popular in the past couple of years so I decided to change.” He chose to change because he felt it gave the ball more speed, and he got a better reaction on the lane no matter the oil pattern.

Mason Hetzel, a senior on boys varsity, said that he bowls left-handed and is the only one in the program to do so this year. Hetzel also explained that he uses the traditional five step approach also changing from the four step approach within the last couple of years for many of the same reasons as Glodowski.

Looking at the girls varsity team, Laura Krupka, a junior, who is still fairly new to bowling and finding what style and form best suits her, explained that she has a very simple style. “I bowl right-handed, with a four step approach as that was what was easiest for me to learn,” Krupka said. Although new, she has not changed her approach unlike many others, and does not plan to change it in the future.

As all of the players continue to work hard in practice to perfect their form and styles, the six month season will formally conclude at the Wisconsin State High School Bowling Championships on March 3-5 at Dale’s Weston Lanes. Eathan Paulson, boys varsity player, can’t wait to hit the lanes: “I’m excited we made it to state, all the hard work paid off. We have lots of work to do for state but nothing is out of reach for myself and the rest of the boys team.” Paulson is one of four bowlers who made state singles this year. The four individuals include Eathan Paulson, Alex Glodowski, Abby Giddings, and Jessa Bricco. The boys varsity team has also qualified for state.