Teens learn skills on the job


Madelyn Farrey

Many high school students in this day and age are looking for a job to help pay for school, their car, cell phone bills, and other expenses. Most teenagers get their first jobs between the age of 14- 16 and they are usually payed 8-10$ dollars an hour.

There are many great options to getting a job in high school including working in a small business in a small town like Amherst. Some job ideas for a high school students include working at a restaurant, a movie theater, a swimming pool, babysitting, grocery store, or other local businesses.  These are all great options for any teenager looking for a work experience.

When interviewing student Mason Colligan about his work experience and why he chose to get a job at 14 he said, “I work because I want to be able to afford a car and a good education.” Colligan also said, “I like working at Ambrosia’s because I get treated really well and get paid well.”

Having a job helps teenagers learn a sense of responsibility and gives them a taste of what the real world feels like. Starting a job at age 14-16 can help teenagers learn how to deal with money, time management, and stress. Having a job at such a young age can be crucial for teens to learn how to work under pressure and with others. It can also help build great customer service skills and other skills that will be useful in future careers.