Stephen Szymkowiak races a Pure Stock against semi-pro drivers

Amherst Freshman racing at Golden Sands race track this summer


Stephen Szymkowiak

An Amherst family is gearing up for the racing season by outfitting a stock car driven by their son, Stephen Szymkowiak, a freshman who got into racing by driving go-karts. 

The race team Shimmy Racing consists of Jeremy Szymkowiak, Dad; Jenny Szymkowiak, Mom; sisters Hannah Szymkowiak and Gracie Szymkowiak; Dustin Brillowski, and Josh Szymkowiak. 

They work on their car almost year round and it takes up a good deal of time and money. They spend most of their Friday nights at Golden Sands Speedway, Wisconsin Rapids, but they they are also to race at Marshfield Motor Speedway this year. Jeremy Szymkowiak ,who raced in the past and is crew chief says, “I can’t wait to see your face when you get out of this thing for the first time.”

In their past year of racing, they had an unsafe car and were not racing with the right equipment. This year there is almost a day and night difference. Their new car that they have is super safe and they had enough sponsors to be able to buy some good equipment.

Jenny Szymkowiak says, “I’m scared for him but I know that he is safe in that car.” Some of their sponsors include Stone Innovations, Fall Line Outfitters, RJ Rasmussen Plumbing and Heating,Paradise Trucking and Excavating, Northpoint Pub, Central Door, NC, Bushman Electric and Sign, and JD’s Pub.

When they race at Golden Sands, racing starts around 7 p.m. and to get in the pits it is around $25 and to get into the stands around $15. This track is a ¼ mile and Stephens races go about 15 laps long. Stephen says, “After 15 laps, my arms are always so sore and my legs are shaking when I get out of the car.” 

The Pure Stock car that Stephen drives is basically stock everything that you would have in a car but is built to be able to drive an asphalt circle track. The car has 350 horsepower and 400 pounds of torque. The car that Stephen and his dad built could probably sell for 10-15 thousand dollars and every given chance they get they are working on it.  Stephen wears top of the line safety equipment including a HANS device, DOT approved helmet, fire resistant race suit, and a 5 point harness.