Landon named IBA player of the year


Jordan Beaudoin

The IBA is an intramural basketball league started by Amherst educator Doug Spadoni. Games are held on Sunday evenings.

“I created it in 2001 in Waupaca and always wanted to bring it here to Amherst. I got the idea from when I was in high school but I wanted to do it better so I added a player of the year and all that good stuff,” said Spadoni.

The IBA continues through winter with four teams going head-to-head.

Spadoni said the IBA is a success because of students who also help as staticians and referees. He gives a “shout out” to Aleah Breed and Scout Spadoni for doing stats and Aiden Jastromski, Mathew Glodowski, and Ian Hall for serving as referees.

Participating teams are as follows:

Meat Heads: Peter Warner, Jake Hoffman, Jack Spadoni, Sawyer Stuczynski, Landon Moe (the league winners)

Evil Empire: Haydn Czech, Joey Ligman, Ben Lee, Jerry Lucht, Josh Bentley

Kentucky Fried Studs: Peyton Marquard, Hailo Valq, Jade Lucht, Hailie Peskie, Sarah Breed, Zach Shulfur, Blake Heinz, Alex Glodowski, Rhett Loken

Freshman: Eli Zakrzewski, Eli Bohm, Trekk Tubbs, Sam Stuczynski, Jordan Beaudoin, Trevor Ehrenburg, Ty Schelvan

Player of The Year: Landon Moe