IBA season one to remember


Every good basketball season ends with a tournament. And this year’s tournament was the most hyped IBA week ever. This was the most exciting year for IBA to date with a lot of good teams competing to be the IBA Champions. Josh Bently warming up for the IBA tournament.

Heading into Championship week, the reigning IBA champions were 6-0 with Ben Lee dominating the whole league up to championship week. In second place, were the Meatheads which were 3-3 at the time and were led by sharp shooter Landon Moe and rebounder Sawyer Stu. In third place was the KFS led by Hailo who surprised the whole league by carrying the KFS the whole way. And with a 0-6 record was Team Frosh led by Eli.

The Evil Empire dominated the regular season with the help of 6´6 Ben Lee. Ben dominated the paint grabbing boards and with his amazing post moves. One of the biggest adds to this off-season was Joey Ligman. Joey was a huge part of the Evil Empire’s undefeated season with his amazing D-Fence and his ability to pass the ball in transition and rack up assists. His shooting was good, too, but when it came to three pointers he was always on the line when he would make it. The Meatheads could muscle everyone with how strong they were. Landon Moe was the best shooter hands down this year dropping 30 points no problem. Another contributor to the Meatheads was Sawyer Stu. Sawyer’s rebounding and his defense were the best this year. His only down part was his lack of shooting. His season high 23 points came off of second shots that he would normally rebound. 

The Kentucky Fried Studs were led and carried by Hailo. Hailo surprised the whole league and led the upset of the year week 4 against the Meatheads. That game he had 14 points and 10 boards. Half way through the year they added Rett who was also a huge part in the KFs. And team Frosh struggled this year finishing the year 0-8 (0-6 in regular season). This team was led by Eli with his impressive handles and shooting, but lack of players killed them down the stretch.

2022 IBA Champions

League championship: Game one in the IBA tournament had the 6-0 Evil Empire facing the 0-6 team Frosh. The Evil Empire dominated their first game and decided to rest Ben Lee who still found his way on the court the last few minutes. The other game between the Meatheads and the KFS was close at the start but Landon’s three point shooting helped them advance to the championship game.

This year’s championship game was a repeat of last year’s championship game. The Meatheads locked down star player Ben Lee and held him to a career low 6 points. “They locked me down that whole game, they knew I was the best player so they put two sometimes three players on me.”

“Landon could not miss and if he did they would just out rebound us,” said Jarrett Luch.

The Meatheads would win this game by 10 points with Landon Moe being anmed the finals MVP. This was the most exciting season in IBA history with the promise of more to come next season.