The Madness of March

Charlie Lehman

2022 NCAA bracket: Printable March Madness bracket .PDF | NCAA.comIt is finally March and that means talking about one of the most watched events of the year, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, aka March Madness.

Most of the Power 5 and D1 teams start their tournaments March 9 and end March 13. March 13 was the official forming of the bracket. The First Four start on March 15. Most people predicted that Gonzaga, Baylor, Kansas, and Arizona would be the 1 seeds. And they were right as all four of those teams are the #1 seeds. “Unlike last year with the undefeated Zags, there isn’t a clear-cut favorite,” said Matt Lutovsky from The Sporting News

Most people usually predict that one of the #1 seeds are gonna win it all. But if you are betting you should not put it on the one seeds as there has not been five years in a row of #1 seeds winning it except 1992-1996 and we on in that fifth year so it will not be a #1 seed (at leat that’s what some think). Some other facts consider: the 11-seeds have made it to the Sweet 16 in the last 10 tournaments. 

Some likely upsets coming out of all four divisions are as follows (in my opinion and others): #10 Davidson over #7 Michigan St.; #11 Virginia Tech over #8 Texas; and in the South, Cinderella story team #10 Loyola Chicago over Ohio St. I say that because in 2018 #11 Loyola Chicago went on a miracle run all the way to the Final Four. And lastly in the Midwest, #13 South Dakota St over the #4 seed Providence. 

Most of the fun comes from filling out the brackets and seeing big upsets. One of the biggest upsets came in 2018 when the #1 seed Virginia loss to the #16 seed in the first round, which occurred for only the second time in the history of March Madness. A prediction made by Mr Spadoni is that W,X,Y,Z will make the final four and the championship X will play Z and win by a score of….well, you get the picture.