Chasing the Crown


Haley Peskie

Some people run for track, some run for physical therapy, but others run for rodeo queen.

Running for the position isn’t easy though. Contestants are put to the test by selling tickets, giving a speech, taking a written test, answering impromptu questions and performing a horsemanship pattern. All aspects of this contest challenge the contestants to maintain poise and personality as they represent themselves and the Little Britches of Wisconsin Rodeo Association (LBW).

2021 Rodeo Queen Contestants (from left to right) Megan Gartner, Emily Beinert, Ashlee Hamm, Jenny Blinker (Rodeo Queen Organizer), Haley Peskie (2020 Rodeo Queen), Izzy Dambroski, Lydia Leach, Alexis Brandemuehl.

The contestants do a fly-by (a lap around the arena and salute the crowd) at all of the rodeos before finals at Amherst, WI in August. At Amherst, the contestants compete for the title and the past queen gives her last speech and demonstrates the horsemanship pattern. The contestants are judged in three categories: speech, horsemanship, and poise and personality.

When the new queen is crowned she is awarded with a crown, buckle, and sash in the arena. The new queen is also awarded with a scholarship for $1000, a new saddle, prizes for her horse, and a lot of responsibility. These responsibilities include carrying the American flag during the national anthem, promoting the sport of rodeo in any way possible, and raising money for the local food pantry.

“Being a rodeo queen means being a role model, demonstrating kindness and reliability, and most importantly showing love for the sport of rodeo,” says Jenny Blinker, chair of the rodeo queen contest.

“It also means representing the rodeo community and all of the rodeo contestants and their families. Offering a helping hand, answering questions, collecting donations for the food pantry, and attending clinics is a great way for the queens to interact with members of LBW and people considering joining,” Blinker added.

In their last speeches, both Garret Pickle, 2019 Amherst LBW queen; and Haley Peskie, 2020 Amherst LBW queen spoke about their experiences interacting with youth. The queens both state that talking to the kids was inspirational and their favorite part of being rodeo queen; the kids never failed to put a smile on the queen’s face.

Emily Beinert’s first moment as the 2021 Amherst LBW Rodeo Queen.
Rodeo queen collecting donations for the Amherst food pantry.
2020 Amherst LBW Rodeo Queen Hailey Peskie carrying the American Flag for the National Anthem.

Emily Beinert from Elkhorn, WI will represent the LBW as the 2021 rodeo queen. LBW finals will occur in August 2022 and will be the crowning of a new queen.