Amherst boasts content creators on youtube


Michael Dziedzic

It takes dedication to be a youtube star but that’s not stopping two Amherst high schoolers from attempting to reach their dreams. Shadow Wanserski and Royal Smith are two students at Amherst High School with their own youtube channels. Shadow posts gaming videos and has 72 subscribers, while Royal posts fun videos to 37 subscribers.

“I like the comment section and how easy it is to post videos on youtube,” said Royal. Shadow, meanwhile, prefers the content rich side of youtube, “I got into youtube to share my ideas to the world, I saw what others were doing and I thought ‘why don’t I do that.’”

Shadow started his channel in January of 2019, and has posted 49 videos since. Royal started a channel in December of 2014 and has posted over 30 videos since starting.

Youtube is a very popular platform where people can come together to make videos about sports, movies, video games, and anything imaginable. And these 2 students decided to join the millions of content creators by making youtube channels of their own.

Shadow is one of the many creators that makes gaming videos, mostly about minecraft and gacha club. He enjoys making long videos that are entertaining as well as original. Royal presents the vlogging side of the youtube, posting videos of events and scenarios in their life, scenarios where you might have to be there in order to get the joke.

When asked about advice to future content creators, Shadow stated that you should do what you like.

Royal presented a more lighthearted reply to the question, stating that you should get an editor, or learn editing.

I asked Shadow about any upcoming videos, and what they might be about, but he said that was a secret.

The reason this matters is because it shows that you can be a part of something bigger, like these two students are part of youtube, helping the website grow and grow, and how their channels are growing, too, becoming more and more popular as people start to see and recognize them. This just goes to show you how diverse Amherst truly is. We have ideas and people here that will change how you see the world, and how you see others.