Food & drink is an individual taste

Food & drink is an individual taste

Tiris Byrd

Have you ever wondered if your fellow high school students are adventurous when it comes to their dinner plate? Do they know their foods? And are they any different from people out of school?

Well to answer those questions freshmen Reece Stormoen and McKenna Borchardt and local residents Lelu Tobler, Sky Byrd, and Roxanne Jeske were asked for their opinions on food and drink. The questions were about their most liked and disliked foods, their favorite restaurant, when do they think a food or drink was invented, how do you feel about this odd food or drink, etc.

Sannakji aka live octopus tentacles dipped in possibly butter sauce, about to be eaten.

The percentages collected may be derived from only a bit of data, but it is still data nonetheless. The data between the two groups differs. The students attending Amherst high school were willing to try forty-three percent of the “weird” foods and drinks showed to them and were willing to try seventy-five percent of the “weird” candies as well. For example: when asked if he would try Sannakji, also known as live octopus tentacles,  Reece Stormoen responded: “I’d eat that, that sounds good. “


Reece Storemoen makes a silly face at Sunset Lake in Amherst Junction.





Meanwhile, the ones who don’t go to Amherst high school were willing to try only 17 percent of the “odd” foods and drinks and only 50 percent of the “weird” candies. When asked if she  would try a gross drink called Smokers Cough, Roxanne Jeske responded: “That sounds disgusting, I would NOT drink that.” Those surveyed were also asked when certain popular foods and drinks were invented and subsquently popularized. Amherst students were off by 48 years on average while those not in Amherst high school were off by 82 years on average.

Despite these differences, there were some surprising similarities as well. Eighty percent of those interviewed said that their favorite flavor was spicy (the other ten percent said salty). McKenna Borchardt and Sky Byrd said their least favorite soda was Mountain Dew, while the other three said that their least favorite sodas were diet sodas. Those are just two examples but one can see the similarities and the differences.

McKenna Borchardt at an 8th grade graduation party, having a good time savoring varioius foods.




Individual opinions are what makes each of us special. It’s one of the things that make humans, human. These people put thought into each word, giving feeling and personality into each answer or guess. All in all, Reece Stormoen and McKenna Borchardt were more adventurous than the others. But does that make any of them more or less wrong, well, no. And just because they’re different, doesn’t make them any less human…or any less hungry