Pritzl named video editor

The Talon is pleased to announce the promotion of junior Beau Pritzl to that of video editor.
“Beau has a real interest and passion for editing video. I believe he will advance this position moving forward and serve as a great resource as we further develop the site, adding and editing video along the way,” said Mr. Van Lannen, English and media teacher.
“When it comes down to creating and developing good video I see it as my mission to produce the best quality video that I can,” said Pritzl. “I may not have all the skills required to do the job but I do have enough interest and determination to make the job more of a learning experience and grow my knowledge of video editing. I hope to one day be as great as the professionals, but for now, I will do my best to grow and develop The Talon.”
Pritzl is currently developing a website centered on giving easy-to-understand video tutorials. He will provide updates and links on The Talon website as he proceeds.