Hit or miss gifts on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day; Hit or Miss Gifts

Valentine’s Day; Hit or Miss Gifts

Ilyana Grawvunder


Valentine’s Day can be the best or worst day of the year. What are some of the favorite gifts to receive on this day full of love? The responses of students and staff vary.

First the girls. “I like to receive roses for Valentine’s Day,” said Aaliyah Lopez, a junior. “My favorite thing to receive is a big giant teddy bear,” said Caroline Snider, a sophomore.

After speaking with the girls, it was time for the guys to comment and some of the responses are quite funny. “My favorite thing to give a girl for Valentine’s Day is chocolate, teddy bears, and lots and lots and lots of flowers,” said Adam Potts, a junior.

Even when already married, Valentine’s Day presents are still just as important as when dating. “I like to take them out to dinner so I get dinner too. There are also earrings that double as fishing lures,” said Mr. Pickering, social studies teacher.

It’s standard practice for guys to get girls something for Valentine’s Day but what do you think? Should the girl get something for the guy as well? I personally think if the girl expects a gift so should the guy. It works both ways.


Sophomore Carrie Snider
Junior Aaliyah Lopez
Junior Adam Potts
Mr.Pickering, a Social Studies teacher at Amherst High School