What We Have Become: Chapter 3


By: Logan Herod, Illustrated by James Irish

            “What does it say?” Phantom asked.

            “Well.” He paused. “It says something you’re not going to like,” David says. The group that had gathered groaned and began to scatter back to their normal jobs.

“Go on,” Phantom replied calmly.

“Well… This is not information, it’s a location. before we can crack this code, the second part of the code must be retrieved,” David said.

“From where exactly?” Phantom asked.

“The Information Dome,” David said.

“Wait, you mean to tell me I broke into the Mayor’s office, hacked his terminal, and barely escaped all for a location?” Jack shouted. “It seems like the world is against us right now!”

“Remind me what the Information Dome is?” Harry asked.

“The Information Dome is a large facility that keeps track of all of the Data of the country we are in, that would be America in the former city of Chicago. If we can get into there, we will have access to information the president has access to,” David explained.

“We have to get into there! This is the biggest chance we have to get everything we need to get the people backing us. Let me go and redeem myself Phantom,” Jack begged.

“I will discuss it with the others. For now, you need to get a team together to get into the complex if and only if everyone agrees,” Phantom told him.

“I will, I swear I will not let you down,” Jack exclaimed.

“You better not,” Phantom said as she walked away. Jack watched as Phantom walked away. He needed a team of people. Harry was his first person, they had done similar things. Heck, they might have done worse once. He also needed someone who could fight. Jack can fight, but not the best. The best fighter would most likely be Mac.

Mac is a runner much like Jack but that’s where the similarities stop. Mac is a tall African American with broad shoulders, a crooked nose, and brown eyes. He was the strongest man Jack had ever seen. Despite being shredded, he was a very nice guy. Looks can indeed be deceiving.

“Hey Mac,” Jack said casually as he approached Mac.

“Oh, hey there Jack. Phantom gonna kill you?” Mac asked.

“No, she said I am going to go fetch some information and I need a team so I have Harry on tech and now I am coming to you because I know you can hold your own in a fight,” Jack explained

“I see. I would love to get out of these cramped tunnels. The door frames are too low for my likings. Almost hit my head whenever I enter a room.”

“Ok good, I am going to need someone with your talents out there.” Now all Jack needed was a guide. He knew just the person to ask: Tris.

Beatrice is a short skinny girl who has lived almost her entire life watching her back on the crowded streets. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her clothing is usually a jacket,  sweatpants and a scarf. She is one of the few people that know how to shoot a gun. She found refuge with the Rouges a few months back and has been one of the best runners behind Jack and a few others. Nobody can get away with calling her Beatrice without an elbow to the gut.

“Hey! Tris! I need to ask you something,” Jack hollered as he approached her.

“What, you want me to make a scene so you can escape? Not gonna happen,” She responded

“No no, Phantom has decided to send me on a redemption mission and I need a team.”

“Go on.”

“I need a guide through the city because I have only gone on short missions. you lived out there so you would be the best option for a guide.”

“Hmmmm, did I just hear Jack say that someone was better than him? I think you’re desperate. I’m in. Mostly to get out of here, it’s been far too long. Know this Jack, If it’s between my life and yours, I’m going to save myself.”

“Alright, I get your not that fond of me, but at least I got a full team,” Jack said.

“Jeez, don’t be to exuberant over here,” Tris said. Jack went off to find Phantom to see what the others had decided on. He found her at the center table. She turned to face him just as he approached.

“They have approved the mission. You have one hour to gather your people and leave,” Phantom instructed us. Mac, Harry, and Tris gathered around me.

“I already have my team, we could leave sooner than that,” Jack said.

“Well then. It looks like you have a formidable team assembled. The sooner you leave, the better,” Phantom replied.

“We will leave in 10 minutes then.” Everyone dispersed and began to gather their things. Harry had his thing bag. Jack grabbed his pistol, a backpack with some basic supplies such as food, water, basic medicine, and most importantly, his lockpick. Mac was bringing his Shock Sticks. The Shock Sticks are two electrified metal rods that are effective on humans and robots alike. It  puts out enough charge to short out a robot and knock a human out cold.. He also brought his lockpick, which was not quite as good as Jack’s. Tris was bringing her revolver. She calls it Redeemer. Jack has never shot a revolver before and Tris would never let him touch her gun. She was also bringing her stash of money. It was about $500, not much, but it would do.

Now, our heroes embark on their great quest, that would not only save the Rouges, but perhaps all of Humanity.