Hardcore Swan bests KFC Studs in IBA title game

‘Chico’ Spadoni and Rhett Loken named Players of the Year


Doug Spadoni

IBA Tournament Results 2023

IBA Championship Game

Hardcore Swan (5-4) vs KFC Studs (8-1)

Championship Final: Hardcore Swan 46, KFC Studs 32

Leading scorers: Mr. Swan 16 points, Jack “Chico” Spadoni 11 points

Game in brief: Good game for a while but then Hardcore is able to pull away and use their depth to their advantage. It was like the Studs slugged down Taco Bell Crunchwraps and soft taco supremes and washed them down with a mix of Baja Blast and High C (for the vitamins) while singing along to swear rap before the game, while Hardcore enjoyed Panera Bread while guzzling distilled water out of aluminum bottles and listening to Joji.

Semi-Final games

Hardcore Swan (4-4) vs Los Frijoles (3-5)

Final score: Hardcore Swan 41, Los Frijoles 30

Leading scorers: Noah Spoelstra, 15 points, and Rhett Loken, 16 points

Game in brief: Frijoles took the early lead but they couldn’t put away the Hardcores, who are a handful with all their players. Today, Ultimate Frisbee proves greater than 60 percent of the Amherst starting offensive line. Swans actually pass and play defense, what do you know… that actually works.


KFC Studs (8-0) vs Fire Breathing Dragons (1-7) 25

Final score: KFC Studs 54, Fire Breathing Dragons, 25

Leading scorers: Chico 29 points; Eli Bohm, John Carlson 7 points each

Game in brief: After last week’s close call, the Studs are in no mood to mess around with the Dragons as they take control early and dominate.  Studs’ plan of playing 25 feet off of Luke Hoffman works as they gain another defender in the post. Bohm and Carlson will smash next year unless other teams get new recruits in IBA made up of players who realize maybe “going out for the team” just isn’t working out for them.


Tournament MVP

Noah Spoelstra (Hardcore Swan) 11.5 points per game

He scores, rebounds, passes, and plays defense. He’s also there to take control of things when it goes haywire. He can also sleep outside on a rock in the middle of January while eating underground mushrooms and making clothes from animal skins he catches in his snares. Great performance all around in the tournament!


KFC Studs (8-1) PPG RPG

Chico 20.117.4

Hailo Valq 11.1 –  7.7

Drew Lewellan  7.04.3

Sam Wangelin 4.5 –  6.0

Blake Heinz  4.4 – 4.8

Zach Shulfer  3.5 –  8.6

Jade Lucht  2.34.4

Peyton Marquard 0.4 – 1.6


Los Frijoles (3-5)

Rhett Loken 19.1 – 11.9

Eli Zakrzewski 16.4 – 8.5

Charlie Lehman 5.8 –  10.6

Lane Smith 3.0 – 4.7

Balin Wojtalewicz 0.9 – 5.9

Jaxson Smith 0.3 –  2.5


Hardcore Swan (5-4)

Mr. Swan 15.1 – 10.0

Noah Spoelstra 12.3 – 6.4

Ryan Breed 7.8 – 7.0

Alex Glodowski 5.4 – 10.1

A.J. O’Brien 4.3 – 2.3

Brayden Nelson 4.2 – 4.2

Dylan Cook 1.0 –  2.3


Fire Breathing Dragons (1-8)

Logan Stout 16.7 – 13.5

Elijah Bohm 12.7 –  6.8

John Carlson 11.6 – 10.3

Ben Kisting 4.4 – 4.8

Jake Victor 3.7 – 4.7

Trekk Tubbs 3.0 – 5.0

Luke Hoffman 2.0 – 9.3

Polar Bear 0.3 – 2.0

IBA All-Star teams named

The Amherst High School Intramural Basketball Association (IBA) has named the following students to its All-Star teams.

First team

Jack “Chico” Spadoni (KFC Studs)

Rhett Loken (Los Frijoles)

Eli Zakrewski (Los Frijoles)

Logan Stout (Fire Breathing Dragons)

Noah Spoelstra (Hardcore Swan)

Second team

Hailo Valq (KFC Studs)

Elijah Bohm (Fire Breathing Dragons)

Drew Lewellan (KFC Studs)

Ryan Breed (Hardcore Swan)

John Carlson (Fire Breathing Dragons)

Honorable Mention

Charlie Lehman (Los Frijoles)

Players of the Year

Jack “Chico” Spadoni (KFC Studs)

Rhett Loken (Los Frijoles)