Art club begins work on set design


Evelyn Stokes

The Tomorrow River School art club is quite excited to begin working on the set design for this year’s musical, Cinderella, which is scheduled for March. Despite limited time, the art club hopes to meet the deadline  by working diligently during 5th hour and after school. 

They started painting early this month, leaving them the rest of the month to get their work done. The set needs to be finished by the beginning of March. 

Collaborating with the wood shop to cut foam into flats and shapes for construction has made their job considerably easier. 

The intention for this design is to construct a village. Kaycie Peck plans on using different shapes to convey perspectives of the buildings. To come up with the set, she works with the directors of the play, Jolynn Wucherer and VurChelle Baumann. From there, with approval, she continues with her own designs. 

According to Peck, who’s in charge of the art department, sketches and plans for the background took multiple weeks. She has helped with former plays, and is extremely excited to do this set. She really likes the village scene and thinks working with the foam will be “fun.” 

Peck is not only in charge of the art department, but is also a mother. Her two children, Theodore and Fredrick are still quite young. Balancing her work and her family life is described as “hard” or “very difficult,” especially with the pandemic.