Boy’s basketball team tips Menominee-Indian, 61-56


Katie Lechton

The Amherst Falcons boy’s basketball teams welcomed the Menominee-Indian Eagles on Fri., February 4 for CWC-East Conference action. Prior to this game, Amherst stood 5th in the conference with a record of 9-7 (3-6). However, Menominee-Indian stood at the bottom of the conference with a record of 8-8 (0-7).

The key players for this game for Amherst are Tyler Soulsby, who has an average of 17 points and 2 assists a game; Aidan Jastromski, who has an average of nine points and 5 rebounds a game; and Matthew Glodowski, who has an average of eight points and four assists per game. Menominee-Indians key players are Lloyd Reevis, who has an average of 16 points and six rebounds a game, and Isaiah Moss, who has 14 points and six rebounds per game.

The JV2 squad lost by eight in their game. No individual or halftime stats were recorded.

The JV team did not have a great start. The overall defense that Menominee-Indian used was too much in the first half, allowing the Eagles to lead 27-17 at the half. In the second half, Menominee-Indian continued their streak of dominance, with the Falcons trying to claw back in some points. Amherst lost 56-45. Individual scoring was not recorded for this game.

While JV & JV2 lost their games, it was an entirely different story for the varsity game. Menominee-Indian won the tip and also got the first points of the game. Amherst, however, did not go down without a fight. They took the lead nearing the end of the first half until the Eagle’s Isaiah Moss shot and scored on an improbable farther-than-half-court shot, allowing Menominee-Indian to lead the game 30-29. In the second half, it was a battle for the lead, with both teams being tied multiple times. Sophomore Spencer Cohen though had a fantastic night throughout the game, putting up a career high 21 points for the Falcons. Menominee-Indians Lloyd Reevis also had a good night, as he put 17 points on the scoreboard for the Eagles. In the end, Amherst won 61-56.

Other scoring notes for Amherst include Tyler Soulsby (12), Matthew Glodowski (10), Ethan Zilisch (7), Wyatt Blaskowski (4), Ian Hall (3), Jake Derezinski (2), and Aidan Jastromski (2). Scoring notes for the Eagles included Isaiah Moss (15), Bryce Dixon (12), Wendall Waukau Jr (8), Awaehsaeh Vallerie (2), and Allen Smith (2).

Amherst improves to 10-7 (4-6), while Menominee-Indian falls to 8-9 (0-8). The next home game for the Boy’s basketball teams is February 12, when Amherst hosts the Waupaca Comets. These games can be watched and rewatched on the Amherst Falcons Athletics Youtube Channel.