Art club finishes up set just in time for Cinderella

Evelyn Stokes

The village is finally set up on stage
The village is finally set up on stage.

The Amherst play, Cinderella, is coming up fast and the art club is excited to see their set creation on stage. Kaycie Peck, in charge of the art club, has been working hard in order to get everything done in time. The students have also been working vigorously during their study hall while sometimes staying after school to help out.

“The set is coming along pretty great, it could be better if we had more time,” said Alana Culver. Her motivation for this project is her love for painting. Alana has really taken initiative in this project and enjoys adding her own little details to the set. “I hope the audience thinks the set is bougie.”

Olivia helps paint the bushes for the garden scene
Olivia helps paint the bushes for the garden scene.

“I haven’t really seen it, but I know there are a lot of talented artists helping with the set, so I believe its coming along great,” said Olivia Davis. She hasn’t been able to help out a lot but when she does she gets lots of work done. “I’m glad I got to help out because I like the Cinderella play and I love painting. I hope the audience thinks the artists worked hard on their painting and did a good job.”

“The best thing about working on the set was watching students Evelyn Stokes, Phoebe Nowland, and Alana Culver work. They don’t get involved in school often,” said Kaycie Peck. For the month of February she has been juggling the set, her home life, and her job as an Art teacher here at Amherst. “Trying to coordinate with other people while they are busy has been the most difficult thing during this project.” Her hopes for the set is that it doesn’t distract from the performance, but still adds a good sense of scenery.

The carriage is the last thing to be built.