Depth before dishonor

Amherst weighlifters power sports program


Cole Oleson

“The days where you don’t want to get up are the days you lift, You know you will spend time with you’re friends and it makes things easy. Nobody is bragging we are all their for each other and we can count on each other, especially on those sad days.. .” – Junior Cole Oleson – Football-track

” It puts you in better shape, makes you stronger and people push each other to go further. It makes you look better, too. Gives you confidence.” – Junior Aiden Jastromski-Baseball, football, Basketball.

“We help motivate each other to get better and to be honorable in what we do. It’s nice to see people make progress. Jacob Dereziski (or better known as Jake D) was a twig and now look at him!” – Junior Matthew Gladowski-football, baseball, basketball

“It’s a good culture. People want to keep coming back; it’s fun it’s very positive. People are passionate about working out. It’s great to look at yourself in the mirror and see the progress.“- Junior Jack Spadoni-Football, Baseball

What it means to hit the weights:

  • WHEN: Lifting during the week occurs Wednesday and Friday at school starting at 06:41 a.m. 
  • Sunday lift: 3-4:30 p.m.
  • WHAT: 3 days = the cycle.
  • The lifts: Speed, body lifts, main lifts\Bench, squat, deadlift
  • WHO: 50 boys 10 girls participate, all grades welcome!
  • Supervisers = *Coach Lusic, *Coach Spadoni, *Coach Zelmer, & *Coach Treb.
  • “Be good now,” reminds Coach Lusic.