What We Have Become: A dystopian story

Logan Herod, James Irish


By: Logan Herod, illustrated by James Irish


           The year is 2162 and the world has changed. Robots are the new normal. The world is now ruled by continents instead of countries and World War Three ended just ten years earlier.  World War Three broke out and lasted only for a few months, but devastated the world. The instigator of the war, China, was punished severely. The United Nations decided that we need to unify more so wars like this cannot happen again. The solution was not simple, but “the only way.” Now, North America is ruled by the former American Government. South America is ruled by Mexico, who assisted on the side of the United Nations during the war. Europe split into two new continents: Britana, the British Islands ruled by Britain, and Greater Europe, the rest of Europe ruled by Germany. Asia is ruled by India and Africa by Israel. The world was at peace but that didn’t last. Riots broke out last year and the world began its descent into anarchy. This is where our story begins.


            Jack ran. His lungs were burning, his legs aching. He knew he had to get away. The punishment for what he had done was one of the worst. He sprinted down an alleyway and dove behind a dumpster. It had to be done, the people had to know. Then he heard something above the chatter of the city streets: sirens, boots thumping in unison, and the thunder of a helicopter’s rotors. Jack’s body begged to stop and wait, just for a little while, but he knew better. Stopping would mean capture and capture means death. He stood up and looked around the alley for something to use.

     “We know you are in the area! Come out with your hands up and the data in hand! Doing this will spare your life and decrease your time back in jail,” one of the officers shouted. He knew better than to trust those robotic officers. The Robotic Police Assistant, or robocop, has zero emotion, zero sympathy, and zero ability to fail. If a robocop were to fail, they would be scrapped to make another. A robocop would be willing to destroy themselves in order to accomplish their mission. The robocop was originally made to look less intimidating but now, 10 years after their introduction, they are now fearsome. Their frame is almost a carbon copy of a human skeleton, there is no skin or anything wrapped around their frame. The head is the worst. The face of a robocop is black, like the rest of their frame. It is a human head without the jaw. Where the nose and ears should be, there were scent and audio receptors. Their eyes glow red and they are silent when they need to be. They wear black police jackets and black pants. They are equipped with a M361 rifle which packs a punch. He would know.

     Jack noticed something. He saw a way out. Pipes, running up the wall. He had rested enough. Jack spotted a trio of officers walking towards the alley he was hiding in. Jack knew he was running out of time. He jumped up and grabbed the pipes and pulled himself up. He got his feet on the lower pipes and climbed, quickly and carefully, just as he had in the past. After all, this was not his first time stealing from the government. Jack made his way to the roof and began hopping from rooftop to rooftop. Eventually, he got away from the sounds of sirens and the sounds of the city returned. He climbed down the nearest fire escape and hopped into the ally. He walked out into the street and joined the crowd.

    He walked for a mile and turned right, down 55th street. This was muscle memory by now. He walked to the third door on the left and knocked. The door cracked open and Jack saw an eye. The door closed and a lock clicked off. Jack saw his accomplice: Harry Sogard. Harry is a taller guy with white skin, brown hair, glasses, and green eyes. He likes to wear a black beanie, a black sweatshirt, and a grey undershirt. He will never get caught dead in jeans and always wears black sweatpants. He is not just Jack’s best friend, but also a computer geek. How do you think Jack got his hands on the technology needed to hack the government?

“So, you got the information for me Jack?” Harry asked

“Yep, stole it out of the mayor’s terminal.” Jack told him.

“No one saw you this time, right?” Harry asked inquisitively.

“Maybe someone might have spotted me.” Jack admitted

“Are you kidding me!” Harry shouted.  “This is the most important information yet and you almost get caught? I think the Rouges should send me a new runner. The government will be here any minute!”

“Well I’m sorry I just broke into one of the most secure sites in the city and walked away with my life.” Jack argued back.

“Rrrg! Just… Help me pack up and get out of here.” Harry said

“Alright, the sooner we get back to Rouge Headquarters the better.” Jack said. The Rogues are just one of the many rebel groups out there in the city. Their base is in a classified location and only the most trusted agents and runners can leave the base. As Jack and Harry packed up, the sounds of sirens began to get louder.

“Jack, we have to leave. Now!”