Super Bowl predictions


Charlie Lehman

The Cincinnati Bengals have made the Super Bowl for the third time in franchise history and are looking to make some noise and win the Super Bowl for the first time with Joe “Burr” Burrow.

The Cincinnati Bengals travel to Sofi Stadium to face the Los Angeles Rams. For the second year in a row, there is a home team in the Super bowl. The Rams are a 4.5 point favorite to win. A few were interviewed and they disagreed with the pick, one said “Underdog Joe Burrow will win the Super Bowl.”  

Ty Schelvan believes “the Bengals will win 28-24 and the Super Bowl MVP will be Joe Burrow.” Ty’s early year pick was Colts versus Rams.

The most common traditions among the interviewees are eating chips and salsa and watching the game with friends and family. One of the future standouts on the Amherst Falcon football team, Rhett Loken, said the Bengals would win it all, 34-24.  Most agree that Super Bowl MVP will be Joe Burrow; he’s the common pick among those interviewed. “Joe Burr is gonna feast on the Rams defense,” said Loken.

Next year’s prediction, according to Rhett, is Dallas Cowboys versus Tennessee Titans. 

Nasiah Holland, future Amherst Falcon running back, picks the Bengals, 27-25, with rookie Jamarr Chase named MVP. Jamarr has put up a really good rookie year breaking multiple records and has been unguardable during the playoffs. Holland’s prediction for next year is the Titans versus the Cardinals.