Hello summer and fun in the sun!


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Hailey Portzen

Summer is full of fun activities. It is our chance to have as much fun as we can within those short three months! With the summer coming up, everyone is starting to make their plans with friends and family. Some might choose to fill their summer with lake or boat days, some might use their summer to get as many hours of work in as possible, and some might go on many different adventures and make lots of new memories throughout their summer. So, I decided to ask some of my peers what their summer plans and/or favorite summer activities are.

Starting off, I asked Carrie Snider what her summer plans are. She said, “I am going to ride the moped with Ilyana. I am also taking a trip to Hawaii with my family.” Then, I asked her what her favorite summer activities are, and she said, “going to the cabin and swimming with my friends at the lake.” What an eventful summer!

Carrie riding her moped!

Next, I asked Ilyana Grawvunder what her summer plans are. She said, “I am going to go camping and swimming most of the summer. I am also going to hang out with my boyfriend and Carrie.” I also asked her what her favoriteMy summer activities are, and it sounds like she is filling her summer with things she loved to do! She said, “y favorite summer activities are camping, swimming, and hanging out with my friends.” Sounds like a fun summer!

Ilyana camping with friends!

Last, but not least, I asked Cole Schlutter about his summer plans. He said, “I plan on working this summer.” Cole has some great work ethic! Cole then told me that his favorite summer activities are “camping and going on the river.” Cole is excited to have a fun and successful summer.

Summer break is approaching quickly, and we are all getting the “summer itch”! Only a few more days until we spend sunny days full of relaxation and fun!