Cole Oleson: senior footballer and future Marine


Gage Glodowski

Senior defensive lineman Cole Oleson has much to say about his future in the Marine Corps and his high school career as a footballer.

Oleson recently joined the Marines because he wants to be a role model and he desires a challenge. He tries to be as well-mannered and professional as one might expect from a professional Marine. Oleson chose the Marines over other branches of the military because he wants to be the “best of the best” and “the few, the proud” (and he thinks the uniforms look cool). 

Oleson’s parents understand his personal choice because the Marines are probably a better fit for him than going to college. He is influenced by the many relatives who served in World War II. In the event the Marines don’t work out for him, he may go back to school for law enforcement or to become a teacher.

A leader on the football team, he has advice for students looking to join the football team: take weightlifting seriously. He believes respect is easy to get but getting out of bed every day is the hardest task (don’t we all know it). 

Oleson’s dad has been a big influence in his life. His dad wanted him to play football and he works to impress him and make him proud. He knows it is easy to quit when things don’t go right. “Every season there is a feeling of ‘Why am I here? Why am I doing this?’ but then I remember all the reasons that lead me to continue forward,” he said. 

He may possibly get into coaching a football team later in life. For now, he sees many good things for the class of 2023? “This class has the strength and ability, but they just haven’t found teamwork quite yet and are just starting to click,” he said.