JV soccer team making strides down the stretch


Aiden Winn

As the soccer season turned to October, many JV players were optimistic but saw room for improvement. 

Team goalie and key player, Gabriel Pinkala, said “It has been horrendous, we started out as worse as a middle school team, and right now we are about the equivalent of a middle school team.”

Coach Isaac Winkleman said each player has his own individual flaws, but there’s still things all canwork on:lLike getting to the open space for a good pass and knowing where to be. “Everyone has gotten their bearings after half a season, they figured out where they are and what they need to do; it’s just the process of slowly taking time to gather information and continuously learn,” said Winkleman.

It’s safe to say all need to work hard, keep their heads high and focus. Carlos Lopez, on the Amherst varsity soccer team, showed up to practice one day with a couple paragraph story saying how he wanted eveyone to show up to practice. It said the following: “If you are here for fun, you can have fun in another sport, because it doesn’t have to be fun all the time, there is time to have fun, to focus, to concentrate on training,” said Carlos. “We are boys 14, 15, 16, 17, years old we understand perfectly well; we are no longer small children, let’s go team!”