Favorite activities planned for when the proverbial ‘snow day’ arrives

Jayden Goretski

Every now and then, if conditions are just right (or just wrong depending upon how you view it), school gets cancelled due to inclement weather and all enjoy “a snow day!”

That, in turn, begs the question: What would local students like to do on a school day? What follows are a few responses.

Kenya Groen would watch a movie at home on the couch with her family, and perhaps go sledding!

MaKenzie Trebe would sit downstairs in her basement watching a Christmas movie while drinking hot cocoa by her fireplace in warm thick cozy blankets with her dog, Dixie.

Logan Herod would hang out with his family and friends and play outside in the snow with his dog, Bailey, and then, after that, that he would go back inside and have some warm hot chocolate and relax in front of a fire while watching a good movie.

Helana Konkol would plan a self-care day. Her busy to-do list includes the following: laundry, drinking lots of water, cleaning her room, preparing for school the next day, picking out her outfit, taking a shower, and listening to Christmas music.

Cole Schlutter would sleep in and then go to work (because he plows snow). He would then go snowmobiling and, finally, go home and relax.

Mia Cope would go skiing and then finally go home and watch a movie.

Alyssa Ehr would sleep in as long as she could and then see if her friends could come over for a fun Christmas-themed hangout!