Spring Break a needed (fun!) break from school


Madelyn Farrey

With spring break just around the corner most students are looking forward to a week of fun and relaxation. Many are planning to go on vacation but some are just spending the week at home.

Spring break is definitely a great way to break up the transition from cold snowy weather to warmer rainy weather. The week’s break is just the thing that students need to clear their heads and get caught up on school work or sleep. 

Some people like Matthew Macadlo and Hailie Portman are going to a warm sunny place like Florida for spring break. Others like Taylor Spencer are just spending the week at home. 

Student Matthew Macadlo he said he and his family are going to spend the week down in Florida. He is looking forward to the warm weather and his family’s favorite thing to do there is jet ski and go swimming in the ocean. “I am excited to get away from the cold muddy snow to spend a week in the sun and on the beach,” Macadlo said.

Student Taylor Spencer said she will just be staying home for spring break because she has softball practice. “Usually we go to Florida for the week but this year I have softball,” Spencer said. “I am excited to work on my softball skills but I wish I could be doing it on the beach.”

Student Hailie Portman said that she and her family are going with good friends to Pensacola, Florida for the week. Hailie and her friends/family are looking forward to tanning on the beach, playing sand volleyball, and swimming in the ocean/pool. “My favorite thing to do is snorkel and jet ski in the ocean and hang out with my friend Madelyn on the beach,” she said.

Spring break should be a great break from the stresses of school, homework, and sports. Whether spending the week at home or relaxing on the beach under the sun it should be a great week for all!