Thoughts on school and summer

Otto Anglemyer

Summer ends, school starts. School can be boring and a terrible waste of time, but when interviewed, students say it isn’t so bad, and summers actually aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Summer is the he polar opposite of school. It seems summer isn’t the utopia it is said to be, with answers like it was “Okay,” and “Bad– I got grounded like twelve times.” But a curious outlier was Logan Stout, who said, “It was fun,” which seemed the only expected answer. Right out of the bat. several of these responses punctured a well known myth regarding summer and its brillance. 

So now to get to meat of this article – the start of school with students saying “it’s not that bad,” and get this, “It’s the best time of the year!” according to Stout who went on to say that, yes, he does like school. Interestly enough those in school sports were more ambivalent or happy about school starting. And most people like “seeing everyone I know,” in school while they also rallied together to say the worst part of school was “homework,” and “doing school work.” 

Something that is different within each school across the state and country is the length of the day: some have more days, with less time each day, or less days, with longer hours. Which one is better? “More days that are shorter,” says Cannen, “shorter days,” says Ava. Stout again contradicts them all by saying, “I think the days we have now are fine” (there is always that one guy, an exception to any rule).

Nobody had much more to say about school other than Stout saying, “If I had a speedflex, school would be better.” A speedflex is a newer helmet that is much more comfortable and lighter than the older helmets (and has nothing to do with school).

School, ultimately, is not really the prison so many people claim it to be; in fact, some people even like school, as expressed by Stout. And summer, which everyone looks forward to, isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Such is life.